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Pinak's Frosters are a versatile way of decorating your cakes. You can airbrush your design onto the Frosters, you can use Edible Ink pens and draw your design onto the Frosters, you can stamp your designs onto the Frosters. Simply lay the sheet on top of your cake and watch it getting absorbed leaving a seamless image that will " Wow " your customers.

  • Always reseal the Zip Lock bag after removing a Froster.
  • If you intend to create a computerised cake decoration place the Froster in your printer, frosted side to the front. If you intend to airbrush or draw your design onto the Froster simply remove it from the Zip Lock bag and start decorating.
  • Once your Froster is decorated you can either put it in a Zip Lock bag for safekeeping until your cake is ready, or simply place it on your cake.
  • Have your plain iced cake ready, Frosters can also be used on Butter Cream Icing and Frozen Icing Cream cakes.
  • Your Froster should not be dry or have a skin. If Froster becomes dry, airbrush a fine mist of water over it before applying your Froster.
  • If you have a printed a design onto your Froster leave it in normal room conditions for about 5 - 15 minutes to dry which makes the Froster easier to peel from the backing sheet. To dry faster you could use a hair dryer.
  • Froster should peel easily from the backing sheet. If you have difficulty, pull backing sheet over the edge of a table to help it peel away from the Froster.
  • Lay printed Froster on top of your cake, by holding the ends and applying in the middle first and then the ends. Gently pat to remove any wrinkles.
  • Add border or text to your design as required.

Storage / Handling :

  • Store away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Perfectly fine to use if kept in a cool dry place away from moisture.
  • Re-Wrap unused sheets in foil bag supplied to maintain flexibility.

Packing :

  • Standard A4 size Froster.
  • Box of 25 Frosters packed in a Zip Lock foil bag.

Weight :

  • 1 Froster A4 (without polyster) - Approx 40g - 43g
  • 1 Froster A4 (with polyster) - Approx 45g - 48g

Frosters is 100% Pure Vegeterian

A Proprietary Food

Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

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